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Dispassionate, unbiased, expert advice on acquisition issues. Should we file a protest? How does the government grade our proposal? What are our options in a contract dispute? What are our responsibilities in subcontracting goals?

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Do you sell to the federal government? The federal government is a lucrative customer. But because they also control the laws and regulations concerning contracting with them, they can also be a dangerous customer. Complete, up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of federal acquisition regulations is vital to any firm seeking to do business with the government. Federal Acquisition Consulting can help you.

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Thirty-five years of acquisition management
It's a Jungle Out There!

I am old-school. I have over 35 years of experience in federal contracting in both DOD and civilian agencies, and have been directly involved in the formulation or implementation of many of the field’s changes and innovations over the years. For decades, I was a contracting officer with an unlimited warrant and supervisor to many contract specialists, and I have taught federal procurement topics at the college level for over 25 years. When you want answers to your federal acquisition questions, you want someone like me who has been in the front lines of government contracting, before you talk to a procurement lawyer who perhaps lacks real-world experience with the day-to-day operations of the government’s contracting activities. And as a first step, I’m not as expensive as a lawyer.

The federal government awards contracts worth over $500 billion every year. There’s no reason that the government’s own convoluted, confusing -- and yes, sometimes stupid – acquisition rules should keep your firm from participating in this overwhelming spending. Let Federal Acquisition Consulting help you navigate the minefield. Give us a call at (505) 205-6914, or email us at

Scott P. Cook

Scott P. Cook, MBA, CFCM, ICCM-F, has over thirty-five years of experience in the cradle-to-grave management of multi-year, multi-million dollar federal contracts. Mr. Cook is a Certified Federal Contract Manager, is FAC-C Level III certified and has held an unlimited Contracting Officer warrant. He has also taught federal procurement courses for University of Virginia, Northern Virginia Community College, the Catholic University of America, the USDA Graduate School and numerous other institutions. He is the coauthor of “Managing Cost Reimbursable Contracts: Providing Guidance in Difficult Waters,” published in 2010 by Government Training Inc. Mr. Cook holds a BA in English from the University of Virginia and an MBA from George Washington University. He was a recipient of the Secretary of the Navy Career Fellowship for graduate study, and was a graduate of the first GSA Trail Boss contracting officer program.

Don't Get Lost!

Federal acquisition, with its interlocking, counter-intuitive and ever-growing body of laws, regulations and directives, is a complicated field – so much so, that the Office of Personnel Management, the government’s own HR office, classifies government procurement as a professional field, similar to doctors, lawyers and engineers. To comprehend the full sweep of the field takes years of specialized duties and training, and exposure to a panoply of acquisition situations. And the government’s failure to train its own acquisition professionals correctly has led to the even more dangerous situation where the contracting officers and contract specialists your firm deals with often don’t know the correct laws and regulations themselves!

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