Here’s Your Sign

GAO put out a report a while back detailing a number of statistics concerning procurement protests. What I found most interesting was the listing of the top reasons why the government lost.

1. Failure to follow the evaluation criteria
2. Unreasonable cost or price evaluation
3. Inadequate documentation of the record
4. Unequal treatment of offerors
5. Unreasonable technical evaluation

Any CO with two brain cells to rub together must know when making an award (signing that line on the form that says “for the United States of America”) if one of these things has happened. They are so common sense, so obvious and so easy to spot. But the moron signed anyway. Whether he just didn’t care, or was told to make the award to a particular company (by his management, which is bad enough, or, even worse, by the program office), he needs to have his warrant yanked. When I worked for the USDA, we dewarranted an entire office for a year for crap like this. If you don’t find and punish this stuff before it happens, you don’t deserve to call yourself a public servant.

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